Building a tower of fun with Rhino Hero Super Battle at Causeacon, a convention where the proceeds go to charity.

“The games are nothing without the people at the table.”

Back in High School, I remember the joy I had playing ridiculously long games of Monopoly with my friends on a Saturday afternoon. When college came, I left board games and the hobby, not knowing instead the industry had more to offer than just Clue, Monopoly and Scrabble.

Things get a little Wonky at our Extra Life Event on ITTD

Eighteen years later, I was invited to a board game night at a local church. I was given the chance to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This reminded me of playing Mafia when I played in the orchestra, going to events and killing random people in the name of fun. The next game was my first cooperative game. It was Pandemic and it was great. I had never played a game where I wasn’t trying to dominate and win against another person. Last was Catan. My wife had mentioned playing this before, but I had not played it. It was official. I was hooked to the board game hobby.

Ziler Hawkins, one of the children supported by Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network, playing a game of Fibber.

Months later, I started an Instagram and was approached by Non-Zero Sum Games. Patrick invited me to be a part of his Extra Life team. I did my first year and was invested. I loved the fact that I could be a part of something that benefitted others and enjoy the games I played. Also at this time I joined Envoy and started demonstrating games for them and publishers. This helped me become more involved with the community.

Some of the most amazing people in the Board Game Community at Origins 2019

A year later and the board game community has been amazing. I have had the chance to help different charity events, meet fellow Instagrammers, work with publishers and raise money for great causes.

Grandfather and Grandson playing Drop it at Causeacon

So now I am working on this site to show the love for the games with my family, the journey through it all and highlight the good that our board game community can do. Once a week you will see an interview about a member of the board game community and the charity they believe in. If you like the charity, you will be able to go to the link to contribute. Together, we can do great things!