Jessy Damon, aka Jess_CCG, is a woman of color and owner of Chix Can Game – an events host providing safe, inclusive spaces in the board game industry. Since childhood, playing tabletop board games was a big part of growing up, mostly in the form of playing party games with friends and family. It wasn’t until 2015 when her husband introduced her to designer board games that a whole new fascination arose! Some of her favorite tabletop board games include Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Caverna, Elder Sign, and Lost Cities the Board Game. As her game library grew and she began to attend conventions, she noticed a lack of diversity of those who play tabletop board games, especially those who look like her. So in creating CCG, her goal is to bring more awareness to this issue, in hopes of bringing more people to the table, because everyone deserves the opportunity to play board games! Jessy currently resides in Oregon with her husband and two cats, Soma and Maddie.

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