Welcome to Biff

Written and Reviewed by Chelsea Siaca

Biff is a quick fire, 2-player game pocket game. You will playing cards until you either run out of cards or cannot play a card!  


The footprint of Biff is very small! The whole game is 18 cards, which includes the instructions and the fighting ring! Each player will receive 8 cards of their designated color.  Each players deck is made up of the following cards: 

1 – <> (Parry)

1 – ! (Ref)

1 – 0  (Block)

2 – 1 ‘s (Bop) 

2 – 2 ‘s (Box)

1 – 3 (Biff) 


Biff at its core is a simple game! Once both players  have received their decks, the ring card is placed in between both players!  Then the players draw 2 cards and they are ready to start the game! 

The first player puts down a card and the opponent will return the attack with the same numbered card or higher! There are special cards that change up things a bit!

The 1, 2, and 3 cards are basic cards and they don’t have any special abilities. The  0 (Block) can be played on any card, except a 3 (Biff) or ! (Ref). A <> (Parry) copies the card below, however you cannot copy a ! (Ref). Lastly, there is the ! (Ref) card. This card can only be played on a 3 (Biff) or another ! (Ref). When two !  (Refs) are played on top of each other, clear the ring and continue playing. 

If on your turn you have cards in hand and cannot play one,  you lose the round. If both players’ draw decks run out, then it is considered a draw. 

You will keep playing until you have played 12 rounds. 

Final Thoughts

Biff was such a fun game. We were laughing and just enjoying ourselves so much over a silly card game. It was very refreshing feeling! 

This is a game you can play while you wait for your food, or waiting in line some. All the cards go on the ring card, so the footprint is very small! If you have to cut it short for whatever reason and you cannot make it to the 12 rounds, I do not see why you couldn’t determine a winner based on the rounds you have already played. The flexibility of when to end it! 

 Since there are only 8 cards, you can definitely try to get into your opponent’s head and try to guess what they will be playing. 

I first I was a bit dense and didn’t get a few things. For example,  I thought each card you played down was a round, but that obviously doesn’t make sense!  My partner suggested that this would be a great way to settle arguments over what to watch on TV or what kind of food to order in!  

Biff fully funded on Kickstarter!