Game: Exploding Kittens

  • Publisher: Exploding Kittens
  • Designed by: Matt Inman, Elan Lee, Shane Small
  • Illustrated by: The Oatmeal
  • Ages 7+
  • 2-5 players, more with expansions and party version
  • 15 minutes

Kittens, Explosions and Cheetah Butt.

Yes. I said Cheetah Butt.

Exploding Kittens is a game that brought the art of The Oatmeal to life. In the game you are playing a game of chance, playing cards against each other and praying that the card you draw won’t be your last.

In the game you and your opponents are trying to avoid drawing the Exploding Kitten. During your turn you will have the chance to play any number of cards against your opponent. You also have chances to steal cards, look and alter the future, skip drawing cards and more. When you play actions there also may be NOPE cards to block an action. After playing your cards, you will draw a card. If it is an exploding kitten, you are eliminated, unless you have a defuse card in hand. That card can help you survive and place the kitten somewhere in the deck. (Note: NOPES cannot stop defuse or Exploding Kitten cards.)

When there is one player left standing, that person wins the glory of not being blown up.

Manatees are better looking with a Fabio haircut.

There is something nice about seeing a fun card game. What makes the game an exciting experience is the images on the cards. There are so many cards and the artwork is hilarious. There also is flavor text on most of the cards to add to the humor of it all. The card quality is well made. We had a small spill in one game, and the cards that got wet dried out and didn’t lose shape.

Defuse Cards are your best friend. They could lead to you having a closer chance at winning.

Abigail: I like exploding kittens because you get to blow each other up and after try to avoid getting blown up yourself. I don’t like how some of the cards are really weird and kind of disturbing. I like how you have a chance with the diffused to put the exploding kittens back in the deck so that you can live a bit longer and continue playing. It’s not too long but it’s not too short so it makes for a good amount of playing. It’s definitely one of my favorites and I’d say buy it. Recommendation: BUY IT!

Beth: This game is just messed up. I can have fun playing it, but let’s be honest it’s disturbing. Seeing as that was most likely the intent of the creators I think they succeeded! It never fails to make us laugh and even to groan in a little bit of disgust. I would not say it’s for everyone, but it definitely has its place! Recommendation: Try it.

There is something magical about wearing the cone of shame. It’s a reminder to pay attention to others and to the game. Forget and pay the consequences.

Chris: Oh, I love this game. This was a gift that my sons gave to me as a belated Christmas gift. After playing this, we added the Imploding Kittens expansion and the Streaking Kittens pack. There is something so rewarding when you watch a friend or family member put on the cone of shame. It is hilarious! Recommendation: BUY IT!

Daniel: I like the exploding kittens because well it’s just a really fun game. I like all the different cards and I also like the see the future so you can know what’s coming next and I like the nope cards so you can cancel the other people’s like catermelons or hairy potato cats and stuff like that. And I like how there are several expansions that can make the game a lot more fun and funnier. And I like the picture of one of the exploding kittens it has a cat chewing on Dynamite. Recommendation: BUY IT!

Elijah: It’s fun. There’s a card that will allow you to alter the future five times. I like the streaking kitten that will allow you to hold one exploding kitten in your hand so if someone says a favor you know what you will give to them, an exploding kitten. One of them has a kitten who took over driving and running off of the cliff. Maybe Try it. Recommendation: Try it.

There is nothing better than stopping someone from doing some devious deed to you. Even more when they now have to draw that Kitten card on the top of the deck that you know about….bwahahahaha!
This is a fun elimination game that will make you laugh and smile as you look at the hilarious images and watch your friends and family explode.