Game: One Night Ultimate Alien

  • Publisher: Bezier Games
  • Designers: Ted Alspach, Akihisa Okui
  • Illustrated by: Gus Batts
  • Ages 8+
  • 4-10 players
  • 10 minutes

“Are you kidding me? I’m the cow! Why on Earth are you all voting for me…Wait a minute. You all are aliens.”

The laughter continued as time was up. “Three, Two, One, Vote!”

I’m ashamed of myself. I am neither human nor alien. I am an abomination and must die…in order to win!

We all flipped our cards… and their eyes went wide. I was Synthetic and they were all villagers. This time trying to kill Daddy backfired. I knew there were no other aliens…

One Night Ultimate Alien is the fourth in the One Night Series by Bezier and it is a great game. I’m going to start this out by saying that our family loves the One Night Series and that is why we are going to go over each in the series over the rest of the year. Elijah asked for this one first, so Alien is the first in our One Night Series. We will be going through Alien, Werewolf, Vampire, Daybreak and Super-Villains. Then we each will choose our favorite ones and why we like them the most.

13 roles of fun to choose from.

Back to the review. One Night Ultimate Alien is very similar to Werewolf, Daybreak and Vampire. However, the application is vital. Luckily the app is free on many platforms and well worth the download. You have characters who can switch cards, expose them if not an alien, or change the fate of the game itself. One thing that makes this game is the voice of Eric Summerer. His narration is vital as you play. He may announce that a certain character is an even or odd number. What? Numbers? Yep, there are numbers that each player is given. These numbers could have a time loop happen while one player keeps their eyes open. Maybe the aliens can look at an odd player’s card, or maybe a particular even number cannot speak.

There are three center cards. No one knows the roles of these cards unless they have an ability that allows them to.

The app also works with a character called the Oracle. The Oracle may have the ability to join the alien team, or the app may state that everyone wins if the Oracle dies. Over the course of the game, the app will instruct the players what to do each night. This is especially helpful when playing with younger kids. Then everyone wakes up. Accusations fly and when time runs out, everyone votes for who must die. If a villager dies, the Aliens win. If the Alien wins, the Villagers win. There are other characters in the game that may have different win conditions. Playing with those cards could change up the way everyone interacts with each other, and that is what makes this a fun party game.

The Oracle has magical powers that can alter the game and even the space time continuum as we know it.

Each card is more like a hard cardboard stock with colorful and cartoony images. These are not meant to scare people. This is meant for a family-friendly good time. The chips in the game are cardboard. (Images are showing the upgraded plastic tokens and sleeves.) The rulebook is easy to follow, but it is the app that makes the game easier to understand. Holding a finger on a character will help describe what each role is. This makes it easy to teach to new players how to play the game.

Looking to win by killing a neighbor.
Our Family’s Thoughts on OnE Night Ultimate Alien

Abigail, 12: I like the mystery about it that you have to decide who the other people are, but you can be completely wrong and kill the wrong person. As the aliens you can pretend to be the roles you know are not in the game and throw people off. I like at the end it does something cool and changes the game a little bit. It’s a game for the whole family, but playing it with more players makes for a more fun game. Recommendation: Buy It!

Beth: The cow ‘tipping’ cracks me up every time. It is so funny to imagine the aliens doing so. The oracle question is unpredictable as are the ripples in the space time continuum. It changes the game every time. Recommendation: Buy It!

Groob wants Zerb dead. Zerb wants Groob dead. Leader just wants them both to stay alive.

Chris: I love the app. The interactions with the app are great! Every time we play this there is that chance that I can go back in a time loop and see everything play out. It is so much fun! Recommendation: Buy It!

Nothing better than tipping a cow at nighttime…

Daniel, 11: It’s really fun and sometimes all of the aliens end up in the middle so you can’t figure out who it is. I like the whole thing about someone messing with the space time continuum and it changes who can talk and you can look at different cards. Sometimes you have to start all over again with some of the roles. Recommendation: Buy It!

Elijah, 8: I like being the oracle because it will ask you a question and sometimes it asks if you want to be an alien and you can say yes or no, but sometimes it still wont let you. Recommendation: Buy It!

This is part of our family game night. The App is a great companion and the artwork has the right feel to make it a fun family-friendly deduction game. For a game under $20, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.