Game: 5-Minute Marvel

  • Publisher: Spinmaster Games
  • Designer: Connor Reid
  • Illustrated by: Alex Diochan
  • 2-5 players
  • Ages 8+
  • 5 minutes

“Does anyone have Tech? We need 3 tech… Tech, People”

“Two Minutes Remaining”

“Is there a squirrel on the card?”


“Now let’s beat Thanos!”

5-Minute Marvel is a real-time cooperative game. There is no time to quarterback. As each enemy is revealed you and your team must play cards that match the symbols on the enemy to defeat the card. Some heroes have special abilities that will defeat the baddies along the way.

Each player picks a hero of their choice for the battle ahead. You will find a great variety in choices.

The game consists of 6 villains, each with their own symbols to defeat. On top of their play mat you will put cards face down with different villains, goons and other bad guys. Even Bob from Hydra and J. Jonah Jameson make an appearance, but don’t stare at the card too long. Each character is keeping you from your end goal of defeating the main villain before the 5-Minute timer runs out. You will have to work together, yelling out cards, resources and watching out for Crisis cards along the way.

Crisis Cards are exactly that. When one comes up it may pause you from acting while the timer keeps moving. It may weaken your hero and it may cause you to lose your hand.

There will be a lot of shuffling after each boss, but it is worth the chaos!

This is where abilities and characters shine. Spider-Gwen, Medusa, Black Widow, Captain America and more (Yes! Squirrel Girl) have cards that match their character. Cards for Spider-Man may help take cards from another player, where Black Widow may be able to defeat certain bad guys quicker. With each card played, a new one is drawn from either the normal deck or the hero deck. Each hero also has their own special player board. These boards may have the ability to immediately defeat a Goon or any villain with a squirrel in the picture.

If you manage to beat the timer and defeat the villain, you win! Then you can add to the difficulty and prepare to battle the next villain. Reset that timer, Jarvis! We’re coming for you next, M.O.D.O.K.!

As you play cards, you will constantly be adding back to your hand to defeat the next baddie.

I like when board games are made with the game in mind. Each area of the box plays like an organizer. I can put my heroes and their special cards in slots. Then, I can take the other cards and Crisis Cards and put them in recessed areas that go under the villain boards.

Each Hero has their own special ability and deck of cards they can draw from.

The boards for the villains are well made. Each one has an opposite side and is easy to set up for the next game. The cards will easily go through some wear and tear after many plays, but that is expected when you are quickly rushing through fighting bad guys every five minutes. I recommend sleeving at some point. I have had this game for almost a year so it is about time to do that.

The hero boards warp a little, but this is a minor thing. The thing that stands out in this game is the artwork. It’s cartoony and that is good for a cooperative game like this. There are little bits of humor in each card and the companion app with Jarvis’ voice goes perfectly.

Each Boss comes with their own board and baddie requirements.
Our Family’s Thoughts on 5-Minute Marvel

Abigail, 12: It’s stressful, but it’s really fun. Because everyone’s yelling throwing cards out there and there is only 5 minutes. It keeps getting harder, so you are not just playing the same thing. I like how the different characters have different abilities and ability cards. Recommendation: Try it.

Beth: Throwing cards, yelling for resources, mass confusion of how many we have, but overall a ton of fun. It’s the fast pace stress that actually gives its appeal, even when it’s the lowest of the bad guys and you know you are going to beat them the pressure is still on. I like that all of the bad guys before you get to the set main villain changes each time so it isn’t completely predictable. Everyone is going from sacrificing themselves to searching for squirrels in the bad guy backgrounds to get an advantage. If you like Marvel I would say Buy It! Recommendation: Buy It!

I am GROOT!!!!

Chris: I love this game. I bought it with my birthday money last year and had it at my party. I remember losing to the first villain and laughing. Then we went on to defeat almost every villain because we figured out how to communicate amidst the counting down of the clock. I also love that there are lesser known heroes in this game. How often can you say you beat Thanos with Squirrel Girl? Recommendation: Buy It!

Daniel: I like how there are different villains. I like how it looks like comic style and you can be Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen and different characters. I like that there is an app that can time you and the voice sounds like Jarvis. It may be stressful to some people, but fun if you are used to it. Recommendation: Try it.


Elijah: It’s fast. There’s captain America and other characters. It’s like 30 minutes. Recommendation: Try it.

5-Minute Marvel is a great choice for any Marvel fan. It has the right amount of heroes and a good balance of villains. There is no time for quarterbacking here. Also, there is Squirrel Girl. She defeated Thanos in the comics. Seriously.