Who is she looking at? Probably the Duke.

Game: Coup

  • Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards
  • Designed by: Rikki Tahta, La Mame Games
  • Illustrated by: Jarek Nocon
  • 2-6 players
  • 15 minutes
  • Ages 14+

I look at our youngest as he pushes seven coins forward. I plead for my life. “Please, Elijah. Not me. Why not go after your mother or Abigial?” A slight grin comes across his face as he states, “I Coup you, Daddy.” I slowly turn my final card over in defeat as the laughing deafens the tears of my death.

I’m the Duke…do you believe me?

Coup is set in a dystopian world where your influence (cards) are used as a way to gather money. This money can be used to assassinate your fellow player, or you can use it to Coup another person (seven coins), causing them to reveal one of their cards.

Each player has two cards and two coins. They can take one coin at a time with no one stopping them. They also can take foreign aid (two coins), but there is a chance a Duke may stop them.

The Captain and Assassin. Stealing and Killing, just your typical day in a dystopian world.

Each card has a significant value:

  • Duke: Take 3 coins, block foreign aid
  • Captain: Steal two coins from a player, block stealing
  • Ambassador: Draw two cards and look at them, keep two that you want and return the rest to the draw pile, block stealing
  • Assassin: Pay Three Coins to Assassinate one player’s influence
  • Contessa: Block an Assassination
Revealing your influence causes you to turn a card face up. This gives other players an advantage to figure and use the odds against each other.

Once you have lost influence, you are out. The thing that matters in this game is bluffing. No one knows what your two cards are. When you think someone is lying, you can challenge them. If you are correct that player must reveal one of their influence. If you are not, then you would reveal your card. When one player is left standing, the game ends.


The artwork is beautiful on the cards and the game is simple. Included in the game are guides for new players. Another part of the game are the tokens. There isn’t much more to this game, but what it brings is a fun experience.

Seven coins and you can Coup. Ten or more and you must Coup on your turn.
Our Family’s Thoughts on Coup

Abigail, 12: Coup is fun. I like that you get to kill people and I like the different roles that make it hard for people to kill you or easier to kill others. I wish there were more roles to make it more fun. It’s fun to play with more people because it makes for a longer game. My favorite role combination is Duke and Assassin, or Captain and Assassin, or Contessa and Assassin. Recommendation: Buy It!

I’m the Duke???

Beth: I have a harder time lying in Coup than with other social games, I don’t know why. So if I have bad cards I’m a little stuck. But other than that, I like the game because you have to assess and weigh out how much you want to risk on challenging someone. I enjoy playing it with my kids because they have so much fun with it. When someone questions me I like to make them hesitate and make them doubt themselves. Recommendation: Buy It!

Chris: This game is enjoyable, especially when you have two of a particular card and you challenge someone else because you think they are lying between their teeth. What is crazy is when you play that Assassin card and someone challenges you. There is nothing better than taking a player out with one challenge. Also, the price of the game is around ten dollars. Recommendation: Buy It!

Contessa and Assassin: A deadly combination.

Daniel: Coup is a really fun game. I like how you get to decide to challenge people, and if the person was wrong, I like that you get a new card so no one knows who you are. I would like if there were more roles. I like how you can coup someone with 7 coins and they don’t get an option, they have to die. I think the best combination is Assassin and Duke because you get enough coins to assassinate or Assassin and Contessa because you can assassinate people but they can’t you. Recommendation: Buy It!

Elijah: I like Coup. I like to be an Assassin and a Duke because you can take 3 coins and boom, eliminate someone. I like to be Captain and steal coins. I tell the truth unless one time I had two Contessas and I couldn’t deal with that, and my Dad is fine with it if I say Ambassador and want cards so I just said that to try to get the Assassin. I like the game. Some people may not like it, but I’d say buy it for me. Recommendation: Buy It!

Coup is a great game. Its Simple, affordable and worth your purchase.